State Agency Says Help For PAPMWC is a Long Way Off

Eric Lacey, the head of the State Water Resources Control Board, had this to say about the water company’s plans for obtaining grant money from the state when I asked him to corroborate the company’s recent statements that they are about to receive a grant.

It’s my understanding that Rural California Assistance Corporation, RCAC, has been contracted to perform the income survey. I’ve heard they are backlogged and  it could take a year to a year and a half to complete the survey.  Only after it is completed will we know what state funding can be made available. 

The Division of Financial Assistance (DFA) has also agreed to perform an income survey for the Palo Alto Park MWC service area.  I’m not sure of the status, but I believe they have, or about to, award the contract to a third party consulting firm.  This is a lengthy process that could take many months to complete.  (The last one I saw completed for a 30 home system took 9 months!)  You’ll know that it is underway when community members get contacted directly about the income survey.  The completion of the income survey and its findings will determine if PAPMWC is qualified for a grant or loan, or a combination of the two.

As a side note, I learned last week that much of the grant funding that was once available has already been earmarked for other projects.  (We’re in that part of the funding cycle.)  At the moment, very little grant funds are currently available for new projects.

So, to answer your question: No, PAPMWC has not been approved for grant funding.  I believe that statement that they are is premature and possibly wishful thinking.

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Shannon and his wife April have lived in East Palo Alto since they were married in 1991. He is the Executive Director of the Ravenswood Youth Athletic Association, which oversees the soccer club that plays at Cesar Chavez school in East Palo Alto.

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