Water Company Reports over $2 Million in Repairs Needed

In response to recent demands from the State Water Resource Board after their recent inspections, the water company issued 2 letters to describe short term repairs, and their plans to fix the iron and manganese problems.

Some concerns highlighted in these reports:

  • The company lists over 2 million dollars worth of immediate repairs and upgrades needed.
  • The upgrades do NOT include building a plant to remove the iron and manganese, but rather to do a lower-cost, less effective treatment that involves over-chlorinating the water. The Water Resources Board has said in previous letters to the Company that over-chlorination can cause other problems.

Here is a summary of the repair estimates:

Iron and Manganese for Well 7 only $314,640
Well 3 replacement $166,980
Repair pipes under Highway 101 $122,820
Well 2 replacement $166,980
Install Water Meters for All Properties $408,480
Replace Green Street Main $289,800
Replace Glen Way Main $335,340
Replace Bell Street Main $289,800
Build a Second Storage Tank $747,960
Total $2,842,800

The actual letters from the Company are  below.

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